The Idaho Geographic Education and Outreach (IGEO) is an organization within the National Geographic Alliance Network and was initiated in 2010.  IGEO is comprised of a diverse group of stakeholders, including educators, GIS experts, college faculty, and community members.  The Coordinator and Co-Coordinator manage organizational activities as well as administer the logistics of the operating budget.  IGEO’s approach is cooperative, with a focus on facilitating partnerships among diverse stakeholders.

The National Geographic Alliance Network is…

In 1985, National Geographic founded a grassroots network of Geography Education Alliances to improve geographic education in the U.S. and Canada. National Geographic continues to support this network today. Geography Education Alliances are partnerships between university faculty, K-12 teachers, and others. They connect educators with one another, offer professional development opportunities, and promote improvements in geographic education at state and local levels. Throughout their history, Alliances have worked to improve the quality of teaching and to amplify the status of geography in national education policy and state education standards.

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National Geographic Education Foundation

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