Thank You for Attending!

Good Afternoon!

We would like to extend an enthusiastic thank you to all who attended our Strategic Planning Meeting last Thursday and Friday at the Boise Foothills Learning Center. We were joined by K-12 educators, School District Curriculum Directors, Faculty from University of Idaho, Idaho State University, and Boise State University, Science, Social Studies, and Professional Technology Coordinators from the State Department of Education, National Geographic Alliance Coordinator, GIS experts, the Idaho National Laboratory Coordinator, and the McCall Outdoor Science School.  Each participant brought unique perspectives to the current State of Idaho Geographic Literacy and together we developed a dynamic vision for the future of Geographic Literacy in the state of Idaho.  We could not have done it without you!  A week has passed since our productive brainstorming workshop and the IGA team has not forgotten your advice to keep up the momentum.  In this spirit we invite you to explore our new website.  It is in its infancy and we encourage you join our website email list so that you will be notified as this website continues to develop.  Once again, thank you for attending!  Your time and energy is so appreciated!

With gratitude,

Melissa Saul
IGA Coordinator
Justin Hougham

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