Online Curriculum Resources

Nat Geo Mission Critical

Nat Geo WILD’s new monthly series, Mission Critical, features powerful stories of the most incredible and endangered animals on our planet. Join some of the greatest filmmakers in the world as they hope to inspire a new generation of animal lovers to preserve and protect our world’s amazing wildlife. Every month, Mission Critical highlights species at the forefront of extinction and the brave individuals who are racing against the clock to make a difference.

Explore the educational resources at to learn more about wildlife, conservation and photography. Check back often for new videos featuring more missions to protect endangered animals.

Watch Panda Babies: Mission Critical, Sunday Aug. 28, at 8/7c on Nat Geo WILD.

Reach the World

Reach the World makes the benefits of travel accessible to classrooms, inspiring students to become curious, confident global citizens. Reach the World’s programs transform the energy of travelers into a curricular resource for K-12 classrooms. Through our unique online platform, educators can match with a traveler whose backgrounds and interests are a close fit with the needs and academic goals of their students. Classrooms then embark on digital exchange journeys with their travelers-and expand their worldview, skills, and aspirations in the process.

Contact Christopher Ahearn ( today to learn more and plan your virtual journey!

ArcGIS Online

Create interactive maps and apps.

Earth & Sky

Earth & Sky is a radio series covering topics of earth, space, and human impact ideal for incorporating into the classroom.

Earth From Space

A clickable map of the earth that will give you images of the earth from space for the location that you click on.


Leader in geospatial technology. Provides information on GIS and how to use GIS technology, free online training, and free map apps and tools.


An online geography game where students can test their world geography knowledge alone or against another online player.

If Trees Could Talk

Produced by the Forest History Society, this 11-module, middle school curriculum gives teachers the opportunity to download social studies activities that are based upon archival materials. The centerpiece of each module is a compilation of primary resources–documents, maps, newspaper articles, oral histories or photographs–from which students will be asked to gather, examine, and analyze information, and synthesize insights.  If Trees Could Talk is correlated to National History and Social Studies Standards, as well as individual state standards.

Map Story

Map Story is a new dimension to the global data commons that empowers a global user community to organize all knowledge about the world spatially and temporally. Perhaps more important, Map Story is an infrastructure for enabling “MapStorytelling” as a means of communicating important issues to a global audience.  The goal is to enable any student, teacher or practitioner on Earth to tap the power of this new mode of conveying one’s stories, arrayed across geography and as they unfold over time.

Mr. Dresel’s Geography Site

Geared toward middle school students, this site is a fantastic collection of geography units taught by Mr. Dresel at Redwood middle school.

NASA for Educators

This website includes an Education Materials Finder which allows teachers to search for resources that can be used in the classroom.

National Geographic Age-based Activities

Looking for geographic activities for different age groups. Click on above link.

Smithsonian Education

The gateway to Smithsonian education resources.  Includes access to great lesson plans, teaching materials, links to hundreds of online resources, and a search option aligned with state and national standards.

Virtual Tutorial: Geography

Free online tutorial to help university students develop their Internet research skills.  Learn how to make discerning use of the Internet to help find information for your coursework and assignments

Windows to the Universe

Developed by the National Earth Science Teacher association, this website offers a wealth of information and classroom activities related to geography.


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